Watch Adorable Moment a Loving Son Has London Train Passengers Sing Happy Birthday to his Mom

A loving son surprised his mom on her 64th birthday by getting the entire carriage on the London underground to join him in singing Happy Birthday.

Rob Burke and his girlfriend Cat were traveling with his mother Jackie on the Bakerloo line as they headed out to celebrate her birthday.

He decided to give his mother a sweet, yet slightly embarrassing, surprise by announcing to the carriage it was her big day and asking the passengers to sing to her.

The other passengers were more than happy to oblige and erupt into song.

Rob said, “I wanted to embarrass my mom and catch it on camera. My girlfriend Cat suggested it when we were walking onto the train carriage.

“It was just an impromptu singalong.”

“You can tell by her face she wasn’t too keen on me announcing her age to everyone but she loved it really.

“There have been loads of really kind comments on TikTok saying how good she looks for 64, so that helped get me out of the doghouse.“